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20 Fingers - Cave Man (feat. Bongo Boys) download song in mp3 free, listen to online
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20 Fingers - Cave Man (feat. Bongo Boys)

Artist: 20 Fingers
Album: 20 Fingers (1995)
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Genre: Dance
Filesize: 5.08 Мб
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Duration: 3:42

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Lyric song 20 Fingers - Cave Man (feat. Bongo Boys)

(cavemen grunting)




Ooga-ca-cha-ooga-ca-cha-ooga-cacha-oo {x2}

Huh oooooh {x4}

Heres a little lesson you find in history book

One million years ago before the earth first shook

There was a quest for fire yeah like everybody know

But heres a .......

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